Personal loans to decorate your home


In the society and times in which we live, where saving is a habit very difficult to find and spend is so simple that you can do it lying in your bed, think payday loans via online options to redesign your house is a significant opportunity that can open many doors.

Think about it a second: what would you do if you had the option of obtaining financing that would allow you to transform your home into the home of your dreams without risking your or your family’s economy?

Although you have the answer, we are almost sure that it would be a very difficult proposition to reject, do not you think?

And just thinking about this, in the market there is more than one alternative so you can decorate your home without having to disburse your money in a “single stroke”.

Therefore, in this article, we focus on loans to decorate your home, which is the best alternative for you to continue fulfilling the goals you have set. gadcapital can help if your credit score is rubbish.

Redesign your home and experience wellness

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The first step is to make a thorough analysis with the objective of knowing if you really want to decorate your home or everything could have been an impulse.

To identify this, take pencil and paper and make a list of all the areas of your home, it does not matter that you include those that you think do not need changes:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Patio – Garden (interior or exterior)
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Garage
  • study
  • Living room
  • Roof garden
  • Terrace
  • Other

Then, in this same list, next to each area, write how you would like to redesign each one.

Although there are no limits here, be realistic and make proposals thinking about your income, ability to pay and type of house, do not want to put a garden when you have no yard.

For example:

  • Bedrooms: new closet and recessed wall screen.
  • Kitchen: breakfast bar, new refrigerator, and electric dishwasher.
  • Patio: Pots and automate the garage.
  • Bathrooms: tiles on all walls, new mirror.
  • Laundry room: drawers for storing utensils, washing machine with dryer.
  • Garage: new lighting, carpet, and paint the walls.

Salt and “face reality”

This phase is decisive because here you will decide if the plan continues or better leave it for later.

Pass the list to the notes of your phone (so you do not go around with your sheet in hand) and go to each store where you would buy everything you need to redesign your house.

If you can, go to different places to compare prices, brands, shipping and installation costs, etc.

Write down on the list how much each item would cost and, in the end, make the total amount:

  • What do you think now?
  • It’s a lot of money?
  • Do you have the capital to make it happen?
  • Are your credit cards enough to finance the expense?

Although it may be that it is, most likely not.

For that reason, we invite you to know what alternatives you have so that the transformation of your house does not stay in that list and in less than what you imagine you can see it come true.

What loans can you ask to transform your home?

1.- Personal and payroll loans

A payroll loan is a loan whose biweekly or monthly payment is obtained by the grantor from your payroll account. This means that if the monthly payment is 3,000 pesos, this amount will be deducted automatically from what you receive in your payroll account.

On the other hand, a personal credit is practically the same, with the difference that the payment is not linked to a payroll account, so you will not automatically be deducted from what you receive from salary.
Why are they a good option to decorate your home?

By not having a specific purpose, you can use them for whatever you want (in this case, to redesign your house) and without the bank being questioned in what you will invest the money, something that does not happen, for example, with mortgage loans or automotive

Obtaining also loans without credit checks- see more on GAD is very simple.

Unlike another financing such as credit cards, the interest rate you will have will be much lower, which will result in less money in the total balance.

2.- Credits for remodeling

Unlike payroll and personal loans, remodeling loans are loans whose purpose is specifically designed to redesign your home and are driven by various institutions.

Some options to obtain them are:

FOVISSSTE2 support

This loan belongs to the ISSSTE Housing Fund and is aimed at state workers who wish to improve their home. The loans range from 6 thousand to 80 thousand pesos to pay in 18 up to 30 months.

Take into account that the condition is that the affiliated worker has 25% of the amount needed for the remodeling in cash, this for the payment of labor.

Improvavit of Infonavit

The Infonavit offers loans ranging from 3 thousand to 50 thousand pesos for beneficiaries who meet requirements such as having eight months working somewhere and reaching 116 points in your sub-account.

This program has a fixed rate of 16.5% and can be paid in 12, 18, 24 and 30 months in installments that should not exceed 25% of the worker’s monthly salary.

Subsidies from the National Housing Commission (Conavi)

They are granted to those who have a minimum saving of 5% of the amount requested and are carried out thanks to the agreements signed by the federal agency and the different executing entities that can be chosen by the contracting party.

To do this, you must check incomes above 11 thousand 500 pesos, be of legal age and have not received any other support from Conavi or the National Fund for Popular Rooms.

The credit granted is equivalent to 40% of a value no greater than 68 thousand 846 pesos and must have technical advice from an Executing Agency of Work (OEO) validated by CONAVI.

What decision are you going to make?

The opportunity to decorate your home can go hand in hand with a credit that ensures quality and welfare (at the time of payment) as well as a little initiative and creativity to give it a unique touch.

Take into account that good financing, which meets your specific needs, will make you see many areas of opportunity that will turn your home into the place of your dreams.

We recommend you make your list, identify what you want to redesign and, based on the ideas you have, make the decision to apply for the loan.

Then, pay close attention to your payment scheme, so you will always have the peace of mind of not decapitalizing yourself.